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One Night Stand: the Rules of Survival

Affair dating is definitely fun, especially if it’s a one night stand with a strange hottie. But hiding that fling from your spouse is not as easy as it may seem. It’s the price you pay, so you need just to get along with it. There are few rules that can help you keep it a secret. First of all, you need to learn how to lie. And not just tell some bullshit, but be a few steps ahead of your wife. Women are clever and cunning, so prepare yourself for some “casual” questions intended to reveal your lies catching you unprepared. Sometimes there is no need telling lies about your one night stand. When your better half asks you: “Where have you been?” tell her: “Ah, just around, having an adult affair with a dirty whore”. It’s true, but sounds like a joke. She’s never gonna believe it. Also, there is no need telling anyone about this kind of stuff. Not even your best friend. Let your personal life be as much personal as possible.

Examples of Naughty, Horny Men and Women
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How One Night Stand Changes Your Looks and Your Environment

The first thing that can tell your wife you’ve just had a one night stand is a scent of some strange perfume on you. It’s literally classics, still many guys get busted on that. So always ask the femme you’re gonna shag not to use any. And think, think, think everything through. Don’t go to any public places together. Don’t leave your phone number or at least name her “Brad office” in your mobile phone address book. If you’re coming to wherever your one night stand takes place by car together with your lover, check the vehicle afterwards. Don’t let some forget-me-not hairpin under the seat make your wife a suspicious hellcat. And never let your flings last long. Long-term relationship is dangerous because you both may fall in love. This is very bad for your marriage. Besides, there are so many women to shag!

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