Advice on How to Break up with Someone Without Hurting Them

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Advice about Breaking

Technology plays a huge part in our lives these days, especially our love lives. We message potential dates on dating sites and flirt with each other using texts. But as well as encouraging relationships, texts can also be used to conclude them.

Why Is It Necessary to Be Honest and above Board When Breaking up?

No relationship is ever perfect, and there will always be ups and downs. Friction can sometimes be resolved, but in many cases, it will lead to couples going through a breakup. It doesn't matter where you met your partner, whether this was in one of the more traditional dating outlets - such as singles bars or nightclubs - or via your favorite matching resource, the emotions will be the same when you have reached the stage where one or other of you have decided to call it a day.

The next question which needs to be addressed is how to inform your other half that you have decided the time has come for you to the part company exactly? For many people, there is a cooling-off period when they decide not to rush into making the final decision until they are 100% certain. After all, people are allowed to change their minds about a great number of things in life. But whether you are involved in a straight or lesbian partnership and are keen to be free to meet other people again, the time will come when you decide to do the honest thing and announce your intentions.

Here's How to Break up with Someone without Hurting Them

If you are keen to break up with someone without actually hurting them, then you must be as honest as possible. This action must never seem like it is coming out of the blue. Many people are unaware that their actions are hurting their partner, and will just carry on as if things are normal while their other half is soothing and planning to conclude matters. Along the way, you should have touched base at various points, explaining any issues that you wish to have resolved. If this has led to a situation where you feel that a complete break is the only way, then you need to ensure you do so without hurting your partner. Given the impact of smart devices and social media on our daily lives, especially given the fact there is a distinct likelihood you met via a website in the first place, using this type of platform for announcing your attention is an attractive proposition. The advantages of breaking up via a text are that you don't have to blurt out the message and say things you might later have cause to regret. If you intend to send a breakup text, you can spend some time composing your lines to ensure they are lucid and tactful. You don't have to press 'send' until you are quite sure that the draft versions you have been working on are good to go.

How to Break up with a Girl over Text as Painlessly as Possible?

If you have your heart set on breaking up the girls after deciding your relationship no longer chimes, the most favorable way to do so would be to think about how to word the breakup message. Never prolong the agony, so don't expect your partner to have to read through reams of explanation before they get to the killer punch line about the situation. There should be no room for ambiguity either, so make sure that your partner is made fully aware of your intentions by the language you use. Don't write anything which could be misconstrued or interpreted differently. Perhaps an even worse message to receive them a breakup one would be a text that is open to misinterpretation. You should also be honest in your dealings and avoid any natural inclination you might have to make light of the situation. Break up texts are no place for flippancy. The objective of intimating this type of information should be for your message to be received loud and clear, without leaving a cloud over what you have together.

Is It Ever Easy to Break up with a Guy over Text?

The difference with breaking up with a guy over text is that they are far more likely to be immature about being on the receiving end. Although this is by no means a universal trait, women are much more likely to be lucid and appreciative of the gesture. Males are often bogged down by their pride and will regard receiving a text message about the demise of their relationship with a degree of resentment. If anyone is likely to react to a breakup text with petulance, that would be men. But for the females in this situation, having the ability to resort to a text to convey this information is convenient. Many women are very strong in communication, spending much of their time chatting with girlfriends. Because they will be used to composing texts on a variety of subjects at numerous points of any day, they will be able to compose a tactful breakup text, one that should be able to achieve the ideal outcome of establishing that the breakup is required, while avoiding any recriminations or ill-feeling.

Advice on How to Dump a Girl without Hurting Her?

When many people get to the end of the relationship and considering the time have come for a clean break, they will already be in a zone. They will regard themselves as being virtually single again, and therefore no longer tied to the obligations which covered them as a couple. Whether they were in a husband and the wife situation, gay marriage, or indeed any other form of partnership when they have decided that the time has come to finish things, they might think of adopting a cavalier attitude, already focused on the next potential partner. But if you are going to dump a girl without hurting her, you need to take her feelings fully into account. While there may be a temptation to ride roughshod over these emotions and carry on with your life, leaving her far behind in your thoughts, it would be so much better to avoid ill feelings. If a relationship finishes under a cloud, then the recriminations can last for some time. This will hamper your attempts to move on and meet other people, especially if the ex-partner remains a fixture in your life, phoning at awkward hours, or turning up on your doorstep expecting arguments.