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Casual sex has traditionally been seen as a prerogative of males, unreconstructed guys who liked to spend their time chasing after an array of 'talent' in clubs and bars while being egged on by their mates. But whether or not casual relationships mean more to a guy than a female is obviously open to debate.

Do Casual Relationships Mean More to a Guy?

For many single males, searching for traditional marriage is far from being on the agenda, with the pursuit of one-night-stands remaining an intrinsic part of macho culture. Women always seem far more likely to be on the receiving end of this form of unwanted attention. On the other hand, this analysis seems a little sexist. Many females are equally enthusiastic when it comes to seeking casual liaisons and one-night-stand action with male counterparts. The difference is that society will still tend to look upon guys who indulge in this sort of behavior far more favorably than women. There can be no doubt that guys are more likely to see casual sex being something they are free to indulge in until they reach a certain age when maturity should be kicking in. So as well as looking for opportunities for a casual relationship, they'll be well-practiced in the fine art of finishing these get-togethers.

Trying to Avoid Deeper Feelings in a Casual Relationship

One of the issues which frequently surfaces in casual relationships is what happens when either of the parties concerned begins developing stronger emotions towards their partner. Many people who indulge in casual encounters can switch feelings off, quickly moving on to the next person in an endless conveyor belt of sexual partners. But human emotions are far more complicated than that, and so many individuals who get involved in this sort of easy relationship find it far more difficult to switch their feelings on and off like a tap.

People get into casual encounters for all sorts of reasons, but one of the most consistent motivators is the fact that they get on very well with the person they have chosen to get involved with, albeit on a short-term basis. If they are having a terrific time having a series of casual dates with their partner, it is only reasonable to assume that they could be having just as much fun if they were to take their partnership to the next level. The best way to avoid deeper feelings is to keep reminding yourself not to get overly invested in anything casual. It is rare for people to be completely swept away intense feelings for a casual partner, so when you do start to get the impression you could be falling for someone who is not likely to reciprocate your intentions, then you need to learn to reel in your emotions before you get hurt.

What Are The Best Ways to Deal with a Casual Relationship?

If you are going to indulge in a series of casual relationships with partners as opposed to seeking either a wife or husband for marriage or a partner for a longer-term relationship, then you must address the likely outcomes for your situation. Casual relationships often involve younger couples, men, and women who are not yet ready to settle down and to start a family. But you need to be prepared to review the situation at regular intervals in case your circumstances can change, or your depths of feeling have altered at all.

It is perfectly feasible to enjoy a casual relationship, but when you decide the time has come to look for something more concrete with a like-minded partner, and then you need to be able to handle the transition. Casual relationships can be a healthy experience for consenting adults, but the time will eventually come when you want to start looking to the future. As long as you have always been honest with your partner, this should not be an issue. While some find it difficult to relinquish the convenience of one-night-stands, others prefer the emotional maturity and contentment that comes with longer-term partnerships.

The Best Ways to End a Hook-up Relationship

When you are involved in chasing after one-night-stands, there will be regular occasions when you move on to the next encounter. For people involved in hook up relationships, there is an intrinsic understanding that this is what always happens at the end of the day - you will part company and strike up a rapport with someone else. Human nature being what it is, there can be an issue with making this break. It can sometimes seem counter-intuitive to plow on with your life and suppress deeper emotions, but for your self-esteem, it is always better to try and make a clean break.

So the best way to end a hook up relationship, regardless of whether this is with someone you see regularly, or you have only just met via online dating outlets, is to ensure you put your partner in the picture as soon as possible. This isn't the type of information you would wish to be holding back on sharing—quite the reverse. As soon as you get the notion you wish to conclude matters, then you should go about facilitating the breakup. As with anything in life, the best way to achieve the optimum result is to use strong communication skills. This means you want to avoid making any waves and instead focus on a polite but succinct message that you can deliver - preferably in person, or by phone or text - to conclude matters as amicably as possible.

How to Date Casually without Getting Attached?

Many people embarking on a series of casual encounters will fall into the trap of getting attached to any of their subjects. This will cause obvious difficulties if they are wishing to move on and are unwilling to get tied down to anyone in particular. Whether you are casually dating guys or females, and whether you are involved in straight or lesbian relationships, the best way to avoid getting attached is to be clinical in your dealings with your partners. Avoid any of the romantic overtones of a more concrete relationship, such as giving flowers or other gifts, or spoiling them unnecessarily.